Hughes Safety Model #40K45G – Mobile Self-Contained Emergency Safety Shower


The 114 liter (30 US Gallon) capacity unheated mobile self-contained emergency safety shower with eye/face wash unit. Suitable for temporary use and capable of delivering a constant flow of water for 1-1/2 minutes, the design features a polypropylene lined cylinder, a stainless steel frame, and large pneumatic tires, making it easy to maneuver by one person. Built-in A-frame with towing hitch makes it simple to move longer distances or over uneven surfaces by using any small vehicle fitted with a standard tow ball. In addition, the wheel spacing can be altered allowing the unit to fit through standard door openings.

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This highly mobile, self-contained safety shower with eye/face wash holds 30-gallons (114-liter) of water for use in responding to potential accidents anywhere. Suitable for temporary use, this exclusive design features a corrosion-resistant, polypropylene-lined pressurized cylinder and only requires the connection of a hose from a water main to fill it ready for use.

Easily maneuvered by one person, it incorporates a stainless steel frame and large diameter pneumatic tires—adjustable wheel spacing allows the unit to go through standard door openings. Built-in A-frame with towing hitch makes it simple to move longer distances or over uneven surfaces by using any small vehicle fitted with a standard tow ball. Disconnect shower arm for compact transportation.

The eye/face wash with high, ANSI-compliant flow rate features an integral lid connected to the water valve for automatic operation—activate by simply pulling down the lid. Easy-to-reach flow regulator valve positioned on the side of the bowl adjusts to suit the severity of the accident. Suitable for Class 1 Division 2 hazardous areas, as well as non-hazardous areas.

Model No. 30451 (Updated PN: 40K45G-A)
Gallon Capacity 30
Net Weight, lbs 189.6
Net Weight, kg 86
Filled Weight, lbs 440
Filled Weight, kg 200
Dimensions, Exterior 91.9″ H x 29.9″ W x 54.2″ D
2334mm H x 759mm W x 759mm D
Water Inlet Size NPT 1/2 in Coupling
Minimum Operating Pressure 1.2 bar g, 17 PSI
Water Flow Shower/Body Liters/min 76
Water Flow Shower/Body US Gal/min 20
Water Flow Eye/Face Liters/min 11.4
Water Flow Eye/Face US Gal/min 3
Operating Valve Material Shower Valve: 316L Stainless, Eye Wash Valve: Chrome plated brass
Eye/Face Wash Bowl Material Acrylic-Capped ABS Plastic
Mounting Type Portable
Pipework Material Stainless Steel
Color/Finish White with Green Labels
Activation Method Shower: Hand lever, Eye/Face: Pull lid forward
Eye/Face Wash Bowl Interior Dimensions 9.5″ W x 8″ D
241mm W x 203mm D
Minimum Ambient Temperature, °F 41
Minimum Ambient Temperature, °C 5
Maximum Ambient Temperature, °F 95
Maximum Ambient Temperature, °C 35
Operation Duration, min 1.5


Specification Sheet
Hughes Safety Model #40K45G-A Data Sheet

Hughes Safety Model #40SKSG-A Video

Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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