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Engineering & Design

Dooley Tackaberry provides complete fire protection and safety engineering and design services for the petrochemical, refining, oil and gas, offshore, marine, and power industries. Our engineering and design services are available for the following requirements:


– Underground Fire Water Distribution Systems
– Piping, Hydrant and PIV Layouts
– Fire Pump Systems
– Fire Pump Intake Structures
– Water Supply Requirements
– Sprinkler Systems
– Deluge/Water Spray Systems
– Foam Systems
– Pneumatic Shutdown Systems

– Breathing Air Systems
– Clean Agent Fire Suppression Systems
– FM200, Inergen, & FE13
– High & Low Pressure Carbon Dioxide Systems
– Water Mist Systems
– HF and Ammonia Vapor Mitigation Systems
– Remote Controlled Fire Monitor Systems
– Dry Chemical Systems


– Fire Detection Systems
– Conventional and Addressable Fire & Smoke Detection Systems
– Network Systems
– Combustible and Toxic Gas Detection Systems

– Evacuation Alarm Systems
– PLC Based Control Systems
– Graphic Alarm Annunciation Systems

Project Management and Procurement Services

– RFQ Specific Inquiry Preparation
– Budget Estimates for FEED Studies

– Startup and Commissioning
– Networked Systems

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For nearly 100 years we have always proven to be at the global forefront of fire safety.

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