Revel Scout Tactical Scene Light - Light Where You Need It By Akron Brass

  • tactical light

The Revel Scout tactical LED scene light revolutionizes the operational ease of scene lighting. Powered by a removable, rechargeable battery, this light frees you from cumbersome cords and heavy generators on the scene. Versatile mounting options allow you to deploy the Revel Scout anywhere light is needed. Illuminate your entire workspace and avoid hazards with the patent-pending Revel Scout.

Powerful Optic Performance - Illuminate, Access, Defeat.

The Revel Scout’s powerful 14,000 lumen output creates a whole new class of portable scene lighting. An enhanced lighting pattern including spot and flood optics, directs light evenly across your entire scene. Use the toggle switch to choose between three different flood light intensity levels or focus the power of the Revel Scout using the spot setting.

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