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Apache Creates Safer Spaces With
Advanced Technical Solutions

Apache SafeSpace Solutions develops and delivers engineered products to reduce
infinitesimally small risks at the greatest possible scale.

Apache SafeSpace Solutions provide organizations with the approach necessary to minimize the risks of contagion and contamination through advanced, highly technical detection and decontamination systems. We utilize scientifically proven, engineered solutions to create products and services that help people get back to life.

AIRrow Light 2000 UV-C Air Treatment System

The AIRrow Light 2000 UV-C Air Treatment System utilizes a three-stage filter purification system which includes a High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter, carbon filter, and germicidal UV-C light treatment. The technologically advanced system pulls air away from breathing levels to the floor where airborne microorganisms are removed and eradicated, decontaminating spaces in the home, office, and school. The AIRrow Light 2000 is designed for extended use, providing hours of continuous air cycling.

The AIRrow Light 2000 destroys dangerous microorganisms in the air and is designed to run for hours of continuous air cycling.

Ultra – Light Handheld UV-C Lamp

This lightweight handheld device is perfect for the disinfection of hard-to-clean surfaces such as remote controls, keyboards, equipment with many accessories, and inaccessible areas that require frequent wipe downs. It can also be used on bathroom handrails, toilet surfaces, sinks, cell phones, chairs, doorknobs, bed rails, tray tables, and more.

The Ultra – Light Handheld UV-C Lamp destroys dangerous microorganisms on surfaces.


Tomahawk UV-C Lamp 2000 and 3000 Series

The Tomahawk 2000 employs germicidal UV-C technology to eradicate harmful microbial bodies present in the air and on hard surfaces. The standing lamp system utilizes four 36” UV-C bulbs to produce 360 degrees of flood beam coverage, capable of destroying microorganisms and viruses with 99.9% effectiveness. The Tomahawk also features a casting wheelbase and key fob control for easy repositioning and safe operation.

The Tomahawk destroys dangerous microorganisms in the air and on surfaces.

AIRrowSwift 5000 UV-C Air Treatment System

The AIRrowSwift 5000 incorporates UV-C technology into existing air conditioning and filtration systems for small buildings, warehouses, as well as tents, trailers, and other facilities. UV-C technology eradicates particles and viruses in the air as it passes through the AIRrowSwift chamber prior to allowing them to circulate through air vents.
The AIRrowSwift 5000 destroys dangerous microorganisms in the air.

Mass Temperature Screening System Thermal Fever Scanner

The Mass Temperature Screening System uses cameras to detect the infrared signature that people and objects emit. The system constructs and displays instant heat readings. Anyone tagged with an elevated skin temperature can be taken aside for further examination.
The Mass Temperature Screening System detects elevated temperatures in large crowds and environments.

What Is UV-C Light?

Within the range of Ultraviolet light exists a range of UV (from 100-280 nm) that is categorized as germicidal – giving it the ability to kill or inactivate bacteria, viruses, and protozoa – including COVID-19 Coronavirus.


Ultraviolet (UV) rays are the wavelengths outside of the visible light portion of the electromagnetic spectrum ranging from 100 nm-400 nm. UV wavelengths are emitted from the sun and can be produced in a variety of products.

Within the range of UV wavelengths, exists UVC (from 100 to 280 nanometers). These waves are categorized as germicidal, giving them the ability to inactivate or kill bacteria, viruses, fungi, and protozoa. Additionally, this technology is commonly used in water sterilization, medical facilities, and HVAC ducting at low power.

Research has show UVC to be effective at inactivating a range of viruses including the COVID-19 Coronavirus.


 Short Wavelength


Medium Wavelength


Long Wavelength

100 – 280 nm280 – 315 nm315 – 400 nm
Categorized as GermicidalUsed in short bursts to replicate sun’s rays.Deeper penetration into human skin


“Effectiveness of UV light depends on factors such as: exposure time & the ability of UV to reach the viruses in the water, air, and the folds and crevasses of materials and surfaces.” – International Ultraviolet Association INC.

COVID-19 is a small single-stranded RNA virus that is much easier to inactivate in comparison to mold or any sporicidal pathogen. UVC inactivation is based on nucleic acid complexity and size.

To learn more visit our blog Does UV Light Kill the COVID-19 Coronavirus?

It is safe to say that UVC light at a targeted 254nm wavelength will be effective at inactivating the COVID-19 coronavirus. This is based on the logic and reasoning the EPA has publicly provided for determining a microorganism’s resistance to UV irradiation.

– COVID-19 Coronavirus is a positive-sense single-stranded RNA virus in the coronaviridae family

– Ultraviolet light at a targeted 254 nm wavelength will penetrate a virus’s capsid and form duplicate bonds between ribonucleic acids (RNA)

– Small single-stranded RNA viruses see a median of log-4 and sometimes log-5 reductions from 254nm low-pressure lamps at a UV Dose of 30 mJ/cm2


Although answers can vary from seconds to minutes, UVC inactivation depends on 4 variables:

  1. UVC Light Irridance (mJ/cm2)
  2. The distance of the UVC Fixture from the microorganism
  3. The pathogen’s size & nucleic acid complexity
  4. The size of the space for disinfection 

When UV light enters a cell, it disables the cell by damaging critical nucleic acids and proteins by forming duplicate bonds called dimers. These bonds “rewrite” the genetic code of a cell rendering the organism inactive or unable to reproduce. The germicidal effects of UVC wavelengths neutralize a wide variety of pathogens.

With the use of proper Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) including skin and eye protection, UVC is safe. Without proper PPE, you can experience side effects including temporary skin redness and eye irritation. To learn more about UVC exposure and safety guidelines please click here.

Make sure you read our Operational and Maintenance Guide prior to using the system.


UVC: Eliminates Mold, viruses, and bacteria in the air & surfaces, disinfects drinking water & treatment of sewage.

UVB: Phototherapy, skin treatment, Vitamin D production, and cannabis THC potency.

UVA: Tanning, treatment of skin diseases, indoor gardening, eradicating bugs, improving air quality, and object identification.

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