5 Gallon Pail ANSUL® NFF 3×3 UL201 3%x3% Non-Fluorinated Foam Concentrate

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5 gallon pail. ANSUL® NFF 3×3 UL201 is a 3%x3% Alcohol Resistant Non-Fluorinated Foam Concentrate that provides excellent fire and vapor suppression for Class B, polar solvent and hydrocarbon fuel fires. This synthetic foam concentrate is intended for forceful or gentle firefighting applications at 3% solution on hydrocarbon fuels and gentle firefighting applications at 3% solution on polar solvent fuels.

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ANSUL® NFF 3×3 UL201 foam solution utilizes three suppression mechanisms intended for rapid fire knockdown and superior burnback resistance:

– The foam blanket blocks oxygen supply to the fuel and suppresses fuel vapor with extended drain times for better vapor suppression after extinguishment.
– On polar solvent fires, liquid drains from the foam blanket and forms a polymeric membrane which protects the foam from destruction by the polar fuel, suppresses vapors, and seals the
fuel surface.
– The water content of the foam solution produces a cooling effect for additional fire suppression.

ANSUL® NFF 3×3 UL201 is defined as a non-fluorinated firefighting foam concentrate, produced in equipment free from the use of PFAS chemistry. Since this product is free from any intentionally added PFAS chemistry, and precautions have been used to avoid PFAS contamination, it inherently complies with Directives (EU) 2017/1000 on PFOA and 2019/1021 (EU POPs directive) as a non-fluorinated product.

– Designed in accordance with NFPA Standard 11 for Low-, Medium-, and High-Expansion Foam
– UL162 listed as a synthetic alcohol resistant foam concentrate for use on hydrocarbon and polar solvent fuel fires
– Passes UL162 type III test protocol on hydrocarbons at the same design application rate (0.10 gpm/ft2 (4.1 Lpm/m2)) as traditional AR-AFFF products with similar control times
– Recommended for use at 0.10 gpm/ft2 (4.1 Lpm/m2) for spill fire applications
– Effective control and suppression on hydrocarbon fuels
– Superior drain times to high-quality AR-AFFFs, delivering a longer lasting foam blanket for better burnback resistance and vapor suppression post-extinguishment

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Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

Advertencia: Este producto contiene productos químicos reconocidos por el estado de California que provocan cáncer, defectos de nacimiento u otros daños reproductivos.

For more information/Por más información: www.p65warnings.ca.gov