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Deepwater Proteus

The Deepwater Proteus is an Ultra Deepwater Drillship that can operate in 12,000 feet of water and has a maximum drilling depth of 40,000 feet.



781 ft x 138 ft. x 62 ft. depth


200 persons

Maximum Drill Depth

40,000 ft.

Offshore Safety and Rescue Equipment

– From immersion suits and deck buoys to grappling hooks and ultra-reflective life jackets, DT provides a wide range of high-quality offshore safety and rescue equipment.

Portable Gas Detection Equipment

– DT offers a full line of hand-held and wearable detectors, each designed to measure concentrations of potentially deadly or flammable gases and vapors.

Eye, Face and Hearing Protection

– Because the head and face are extremely vulnerable to numerous risks aboard an offshore platform, DT is committed to helping your employees avoid the dangers of flying objects and particulates, unsafe noise levels and accidental splashes.

Respiratory Equipment

– When onboard air quality is compromised, DT’s breathing air systems are there to reduce exposure from gases or a lack of oxygen.

SINCE 1925

For nearly 100 years we have always proven to be at the global forefront of fire safety.

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