FRx Smart Electrode Pads

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The Philips FRx Smart Pads II Electrode Pads are made for adults or children 8 years or old and 55lbs or more. The HeartStart FRx Smart Pads come packaged in plastic case for safe keeping. The Smart Pads have an expiration date of 2 years from the manufactured date.

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  • The 989803139261 PhilipsHeartStart FRX defibrillator pads are intended for one time use onlyJust like your M5070A battery your AED pads do expire. The exp date printed at the bottom of the grey case is and expiration date that your pads must be replaced by. A new set of SMART Pads II will have an expiration date of at least 24 months after your initial purchase.
  • It's recommendedthat all customers should purchase two sets of Philips Heartstart pads for your defibrillator. The reason for this is that it is possible that once applied your aed pad may have poor adhesion to the skin due to excessive moisture, body hair, or improper pads placement and your pad will not stick leaving your aed virtually useless and the patients life at risk.