REDLINE ABC Dry Chemical Wheeled Fire Extinguisher

150 lb
Items Per Unit: 

RED LINE Wheeled dry chemical fire extinguishers are made specifically to protect people and property in areas where the potential for large-scale fires is always present. These heavy-duty wheeled units have greater extinguishing agent capacities than hand portable fire extinguishers, yet are highly mobile and can be fully operated by one person. Large diameter steel wheels quickly and more easily move the unit to the source of the fire, while the quick-opening valve option allows for fast, one-step actuation.

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  • Color: Red
  • Capacity: 125 lb
  • Agent: FORAY
  • UL Rating: 40-A:240-B:C
  • Hose: 3/4"X100'
  • Listings/Approvals: UL, FM, USCG
  • 435050 Extinguisher 150 LB Foray ABC Dry Chemical
  • Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Underwriters Laboratories of Canada
  • Factory Mutual and United States Coast Guard approved
  • Three different ANSUL dry chemical suppressing agents available: PLUS-FIFTY C, FORAY, and Purple-K
  • Easy pressurization
  • Aluminum nozzle barrel provides solid, round agent stream
  • Fill cap pops up red stem when unit is pressurized
  • Airports
  • Loading docks
  • Steel and iron mills
  • Spain spray booths
  • Dip and quench
  • Tanks
  • Offshore platforms
  • Loading racks
  • Fuel storage
  • Heavy manufacturing areas