INNOTEX ENERGY™ - New Airflow Gear Helps Austin Firefighters Battle in the Extreme Heat

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Dooley Tackaberry, Inc. is the proud contract supplier of INNOTEX ENERGY™ turnout gear to the Austin Fire Department.

It's great to see Austin firefighters featured in an exclusive KXAN report claiming they are staying cooler in the extreme heat conditions with "Airflow" padding as it provides more space between their backs and air tanks.

The gap helps make their turnout gear more breathable and keeps their core body temperatures down.

DTI provides fire protection and safety equipment to the municipal fire service and industrial customers. For more information or to schedule a demonstration of the new, innovative INNOTEX ENERGY™ turnout gear, contact Alex Barragan at (512) 569-7549.

Check out some of the INNOTEX ENERGY™ innovation features